Portfolio Building

From time to time we occasionally watch a current affairs program in which a young person on a middle income has managed to acquire a substantial property portfolio and is worth several millions of dollars and we wonder “how did they do that?”

At Province Property, we have a number of clients who have, over the years, amassed a considerable portfolio of properties and who are in the enviable position of no longer having to “work for a living”. This is because they have followed a process to accumulate assets which provide them with “passive income” i.e. assets that work for them while they are not working.

Property is one of the best asset types that fulfil this ability to provide you with an income stream that will enable you to spend your precious time doing the things in life that you really want to do, whether that is spending more time with your family, travelling, working on your hobby, reading, keeping fit or any other pastime that you love doing.

We will sit with you to develop a plan to acquire property in a financially secure and feasible way and we will assist you with the identification and acquisition of the right property assets to move you along the right path to financial freedom.

Contact us to make an appointment to sit down with us to discuss how you can get started on this exciting and rewarding journey.