About Province Property

Grant Stewart, the Principal and Co-founder of Province Property with his wife Tasha Stewart, has been operating his own real estate agency since the year 2000 and took the decision to re-brand his agency in January 2012 – hence the birth of Province Property. He had been heavily involved in a very broad variety of property streams since his entry into real estate in 1988 (please see Grant’s profile for a more in-depth summary of Grant’s prolific experience) and more recently he saw the opportunity to narrow his focus to concentrate on the emerging city and city peripheral residential market. In order to do this, Grant believed he needed set up a new agency that would be perceived from the start as having a city residential focus. Personally, Grant has lived in the inner city west end since the year 2002 and has watched the city residential population grow from a handful of pioneers like him to the burgeoning metropolis that we see today. Tasha joined him establishing the new brand and they have formed a formidable partnership in a very short space of time.

We believe that our clients require two very important things when it comes to servicing their property needs, in equal measures. The first of these is complete confidence in the technical ability, experience and capacity to deliver of their agent. The second of these is – they should like and trust their agent. Too many times we have seen clients who are unhappy with or intimidated by their agent, with the result that their experience is an unpleasant one. While when it comes to technical experience, we at Province Property are at the very upper end of qualifications and experience, we understand that property is very much a “people business”. If you don’t genuinely like people and wish the best for them, this is the wrong industry to be in. When discussing our company profile, we must refer to our individual profiles, for a very important reason. A company like ours is the people who comprise the company. Without them, the company is made up of a few files, computers and an empty office. So please take a moment to review our individual personal profiles – you will be impressed.

Province Property offers our clients a boutique property service, by combining astute property knowledge with a stylish sensibility and a true understanding of what city living is really all about. For over ten years, we have contributed to the evolution of the Perth city’s landscape, having been instrumental in a number of premiere residential and commercial projects and property transactions in premium locations, working with both property developers and individual property owners alike. We have firmly established ourselves in the inner-city market and we continue to carve a niche delivering a genuine boutique property service. Because we are a boutique agency, every client is just that much more important to us. One last thing – our Logo. We decided on this logo, a graphically enhanced design of a maple leaf showing the changing colours of spring and summer, to autumn and winter, to represent a lasting relationship with our clients through the changing years of their lives, from our budding first home buyers with all of their enthusiasm and need for guidance, through to our experienced portfolio builders and corporate clients & developers, and on to our empty nesters and retirees, who have earned and deserve our greatest respect. We will be there with you through all of these wonderful seasons. If you would like to read on, we have included just an overview or samples of some of the multitude of more recent successful property sales and leases that we have concluded.

Thank you for taking the time to read this overview – we look forward to hearing from you soon.

A Sample of our Commercial/Development Site Sales:

  • 8 & 10 Victoria Avenue Perth – Sale of the two development sites – $7.4 million
  • “Box Building” 918 Hay Street Perth – Sale of 16 of its 31 apartments & Penthouse (Project Marketing & Resales) – Total Value of Sales $10,012,000
  • “Read Building” 16 Milligan Street Perth – Sale of Site – $2,500,000
  • “Read Building” 16 Milligan Street Perth – Sale of 7 Commercial Strata Lots – Total Value of Sales $10,000,000
  • 930 Hay Street Perth – Sale of Site – $1,800,000
  • “RED CASTLE MOTEL” development site $7.45mil
  • 99 Palmerston St Perth – development site $2.25mil
  • 61-67 Glendower St Perth – Hyde Park development site $1.76mil
  • Tiffany & Co, King Street Perth – Lease Rental $340,000 p.a.

A Sample of Recent Residential Sales:

  • Penthouse “ELEVATION” 237 Adelaide Tce Perth – $2.8mil
  • 2 x Sub-Penthouses “ELEVATION” 237 Adelaide Tce Perth – $1.4 & 1.5mil
  • Penthouse, “BOX BUILDING” 918 Hay Street Perth – $2,600,000
  • Sub-Penthouse, “BOX BUILDING”918 Hay Street Perth – $1,000,000
  • “QUEENS RIVERSIDE” Adelaide Tce East Perth – 4 x “off-the-plan” apartments $3.9mil
  • Unit 22, 918 Hay Street Perth – $725,000
  • Unit 14, 918 Hay Street Perth – $750,000
  • Unit 11, 918 Hay Street Perth – $915,000
  • Unit 17, 153 Kensington St East Perth – $750,000
  • Unit 16, 153 Kensington St East Perth – $620,000
  • Unit 19, 918 Hay Street Perth – $619,000
  • Unit 4, 918 Hay Street Perth – $479,000
  • 41A Mitchell St Ardross – house $1.45mil
  • 20 Lawley St West Perth – house $900,000
  • 706/21 Bow River Cres Burswood – apartment $1mil
  • 32/15 Tanunda Dve Rivervale – apartment $440,000
  • “EIGHT” at 8 Victoria Avenue Perth “EIGHT” – 27 apartments ranging from $375,000 – $569,000 each – Total Value of sales $13,560,000